If You belong to SC ST category and could not appear test or You have come to know about our program very recently, then no issues. Register for 5th June test , you will be still having the category quota. But do not re register if you have already appeared the test, you will be summarily rejected. Test will be conducted on Google quiz.  Read instructions in the PDF.
you will only be included in our online video classes after proper verification of your documents.
  • Civil Service Aspirant Scholarship Test ( open for all categories ). SC ST students also register.
    Civil Service aspirant scholarship test.
    05-Jun-2020, 11:00 am
    Civil Service aspirant scholarship test.
  • Civil Service Aspirant Scholarship Test for SC and ST students
    Civil Service aspirant scholarship test.
    25-May-2020, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
    Civil Service aspirant scholarship test.

Know Your Mentors 

Read Instruction in the PDF carefully before appearing the test. Syllabus is also mentioned in the PDF.
Ashis Panda, IRS
Shatarupa Mishra, IRS
Abhishek Tripathy ,IRS
Susanta MIshra,IRS
Dr.Ranjan Agrawal, IRS
Lingraj Panda, IAS
Smarak Swain,IRS
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Details of The Program.

    Wearing the hat of a civil servant is no meek affair. As Sardar Patel observed civil Services to be the 'steel frame of  nation building' he did not exaggerate. Civil Services per se constitute IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS among other central services and state civil services. Civil servants are the not just administrators, they play active part in Policy Making, Evaluation, Monitering, Troubleshooting, Crisis Management etc. So when so much of responsibility and discretion is vested in them the nation expects them to be men or women of caliber and credentials. UPSC as the watchdog of meritocracy and premier recruitment agency of our country recommends names to Government after conducting a grueling and intensive test called 'civil services examination'. Likewise Public Service commissions of the states do the same thing for respective state governments. The exam evaluates candidates' analytical ability, comprehension, subject knowledge and most importantly stress management and patience because these are the abilities needed in a civil servant. The exam is is strictly against rote learning ( learning based on memory ). Candidates need to have a wide knowledge base, ability and agility to think logically. Common sense is indispensable to crack the exam. Aspirants need to have a focused and intelligent preparation, reading a lot from here and there does not help.

Based on the above understanding, program of Utkal Pragati Foundation under the leadership of Ashis Panda, IRS has been designed. Ashis Panda and few of his colleagues in civil services will take online class through Zoom Application and YouTube videos. Doubt clearing class will be necessarily through Zoom. Classes will be conducted two days a week. Students will be promoted to ask as many questions as possible in the class to develop analytical ability in them. Heavy home task will be given for the rest five days. Our duty towards the candidates does not end at just taking the class because we are not a profit making coaching institute. Here the motto is not lecturing to the students but to handhold them till they crack civil services exam. To ensure this, answer writing will be practiced as part of the program. Weekly test to be conducted to keep the students engaging and boost their morale. Personal guidance, mentorship, emotional support are the cornerstones of the program. And remember cracking civil service is 90 % your ability and hard work, 10% luck, so not at all a gamble. Well, who tell you UPSC is full of uncertainties and unpredictability are lying or escaping from the responsibility that you expect from them after paying them handsomely. ( I am referring to coaching institutes )

Why You should not Join any paid Coaching program and why UPSC is after dismantling them ?

  1. They exploit the students charging heavily. They are business agents ( many of them are failures in civil service exam or have failed in administration ) disguised as teachers.

  2. Method of teaching is mundane and does not meet the requirement of UPSC. 

  3. They do not handhold you. They extract money and forget.


 Our program is dedicated to the students especially the needy ones who take risk of leaving a job or a career elsewhere and throw their hat to the ring of civil services. It is dedicated to those parents who eyes are filled with million dreams that one day their son or daughter will become an elite officer in Govt of India or any state government. 


Register, crack the online test and join us. Also share the program with your friends.


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