Important Information on Civil Services Aspirants Scholarship Test.

Updated: May 11, 2020

Dear Candidates, You needn't feel disheartened by your performance in the practice test if You don't score well. More practice test will follow before you appear for the real test. We totally take into account that there would be many candidates who have just begun preparation and are not thorough with the syllabus at the moment. Moreover the practice test is only to acquaint u with the process. The difficulty level in the actual test will be on the lower side. We would also like to inform you that, the performance in the objective questions is not the only parameter for selection. You should try to attempt the subjective questions for sure, because that's something which can best bring your potential to our notice and which shows your seriousness for the exam, which is a must. Attempt the test without fear and apprehension. We have also opened a forum section on our website where members/participants can discuss and clear their doubts. Log in or sign up as members, start discussion and ask doubts to experts.

Your experts are Ranjan Agrawal, IRS, Sushant Mishra IRS, Lingraj Panda IAS, Ashis Panda , IRS , Abhishek Tripathy IRS and few others. They will also join you in our program throughout the year for CSE 2021. Best Wishes, Utkal Pragati Foundation Team

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