Utkal Pragati Foundation to train tribal students in Sports, SSB of NDA, CDS and Paramilitary .

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Have you ever been to a tribal residential school ? If not, visit once. You will be mesmerised witnessing not only their skills in different games and sports but also the discipline, perseverance. You will see tribal girls dribbling the football or completing a 100 metre dash in record seconds or a boy in 8th standard displaying some instinctive shooting with his bow and arrow. The fitness of our tribal students is remarkable, thanks to the evolution process.However, how many of them make it to something big ? Very few. We have not been able to develop an institutional system to harness the potential of our tribal boys and girls. This is precisely the reason India is missing many PT Ushas and Dillip Tirkeys.

Our tribal boys make a large proportion in lower rungs of our military but why they are not able to crack NDA or CDS or CAPF conducted by UPSC ? They are not getting enough exposure. Having known the hinterland of Odisha quite a bit, I feel that many of the rural students in general and tribal students in particular do not get the basic facilities and amenities of life. Facilities such as English Education right from the nursery stage, exposure to news papers, basic sporting infrastructure are essential in formative years of a student for her/his potential to be groomed to the fullest. Government is doing its bit in this direction through Ekalavya Model residential school but that does not mean civil society should abdicate its responsibility.

Realising the above, One of the Commissioners in Indian Revenue Service, Mr. Biswaranjan Sasmal has come forward to nurture tribal students in sports. He will also train them for SSB of NDA and CDS and entrance exam of paramilitary jobs. He will impart training for development of psycho social and inter personal skills. We have observed that though tribal students have tremendous skills, the need for achievement or Achievement motivation is less in them, thanks to socialisation drawbacks in formative years. To address this, Sasmal sir will conduct motivational training session for tribal students. Sasmal Sir will be assisted by Mr. Debashis Panda, an Assistant Commandant In BSF in this noble effort.

Through this blog I am informing our dear tribal students especially who have failed in screening test conducted by our organisation that you may seek guidance from Sasmal sir. He may help you with finding your Hunar a.k.a special skill in you. Once you know the special skill in you and you get a conducive atmosphere to nourish it, none can stop you from becoming successful. Interested tribal students can contact Sasmal sir through his e mails ID sasmal1966@gmail.com. He will help you develop your life skill in general and specifically in sports. He will also help you if you want to pursue a career in Defence and paramilitary Services. He himself was a trainee in Officer Training Academy (OTA), Chennai after clearing SSB. Then he decided a career in the revenue service. As part of deputation from revenue service he has served in Ministry of Tribal Affairs for five years.

This effort of respected Sasmal Sir and Debashis Panda is out of compassion and is purely charitable in nature.

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